Unbelievably Cheap Luxury Destinations You Never Knew Existed!

Did we just put ‘cheap’ and ‘luxury’ in the same sentence? Yep, we did. Contrary to popular belief, luxury doesn’t have to cost you your entire life savings – especially if you choose a destination with favorable exchange rates.

cheap travel destination

If you want the luxurious beachfront villa action with all-inclusive room service and fine dining, here are 5 unbelievably cheap destinations that offer all the glamorous perks of a five-star vacation without the hefty price tag.

Gaya Island, Sabah, Malaysia

Gaya Island

Gaya is a beautiful island situated on an off-the-beaten-path right off the coast of Kota Kinnabalu. This tropical heaven has resemblances with the magical islands of Maldives or Tahiti but, surprisingly, it is located in Borneo’s South China Sea.

Current Exchange Rate: 62 MYR=15 USD

Dinner for two people:  $12 USD

Stay: Gaya Island Resort has the best of everything the island has to offer from wildlife sightings to scuba diving and breathtaking view of the beaches. All of this for $200 per night – not too bad for a luxury resort, don’t you think?

Osaka, Japan

The modern high tech and famous foodie culture can be enjoyed for a remarkably low price. The city is conveniently located close to Japan’s must-visit destinations including the iconic city of Kyoto.

Current Exchange Rate: 1000 JPY=9 USD

Dinner for two people: $35 USD

Where to Stay: Osaka has an impressive catalogue of luxury hotels with Hotel The Flag Shinsaibashi claiming the top spot on the list. For just $106 a night, you can stay in one of the most modern and chic hotels in the country, that’ll remind you of hotels in the New York City – but without the hefty price tag.

Marrakesh, Morocco


If you’re looking for cheap destinations in North Africa, the beautiful city of Marrakesh in Western Morocco could become your next vacation spot. The city’s ancient heritage and the famous hammam spas are easy on the pocket and will leave room to enjoy a glamping night in the Sahara or shopping in the medina.

Current Exchange Rate: 10 MAD=1 USD

Backpacker Index: 30$ USD / day

Where to stay: Luxe Dar Hanane Riad for 100$/ night for an experience that transcends luxury.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Discover the natural beauty of Slovenia in its purest form. Situated on an off-the-beaten-path of Julian Alps, this lake village offers access to the only island in the country. So, get there before the tourists start crowding the place.

Where to stay:  Average 145$/ night at the magical Garden Village Bled

Backpackers Index: 48$ USD/ day

Lagos, Portugal

Add Portugal’s iconic city Lagos to your travel bucket list and see all the beaches, seaside cliffs and historic architect this magical place has to offer – and that too at a fraction of the price that you would pay in other popular European locations.

Current Exchange Rate: 13 EUR=15 USD

Dinner for two people: $35 USD

Where to stay: For as little as 125$ / night, you can stay at the trendy and chic B&B Casa Mae.

Milos, Greece

milos greece

Looking for cheap destinations for your next Euro trip? Skip the mainstream Santorini and visit the volcanic island of Milos instead. Local food, numerous beaches and white-washed buildings make this the ultimate European holiday destination at a fraction of the cost.

Current Exchange Rate: 13 EUR=15 USD

Dinning for two people: $35 USD

Where to stay: For island visitors during the peak season, Artemis Deluxe Rooms offers magical view from balconies, a beach bar and infinity pool, all for $150 per night.

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