Travis and Kylie Geared for Massive Wedding Amid Cheating Rumors

Wait, do you hear that? It’s the sound of wedding bells! Rapper Travis Scott revealed in a recent interview that he and Kylie Jenner are planning to tie the knot and he might pop the question soon.

Getting Ready to Pop the Question

There is no doubt that Scott loves Jenner with all his heart and he can’t wait to call her his wife. So much so that the Sicko Mode rapper is counting down the days until the proposal. In his latest interview, Scott said that he is planning to pop the question in the most epic way possible.

The rapper opened up about his personal life in an interview with the Rolling Stone. From his relationship with Kylie Jenner to being a father at such a young age, Scott answered all the burning questions fans have been wondering about.

He said that both of them believe in Jesus which is why when they first found out that Kylie was pregnant with Stormi, they knew it was a sign from God that it was time to start a family. The pregnancy was a pleasant surprise for the couple since both of them had discussed the prospect of starting a family in the future.

Despite an overwhelming amount of rumors about Scott cheating on his baby mama, the rapper says that his relationship with Kylie is stronger than ever. He told the Rolling Stone that in the beginning, neither he or Kylie was serious about the relationship.

But as time went by, the two slowly began to realize that they really needed each other. Now the two are so close to one another that they never want to spend a single day apart. The rapper said, “I needed her to function properly and that’s how I knew she’s the one.”

Family Man

This recent confession doesn’t come as a shock to fans who are already used to hearing the couple call each other ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey’ (along with other cheeky nicknames).

Both Scott and Kylie are comfortable with the idea of getting married sometime in the future. They have had numerous discussions about it. It’s only a matter of time before we hear about a big proposal.

The rapper and 21-year-old lipstick mogul have been dating each other for over a year now. The two kindled their romance during last year’s Coachella festival and have been inseparable since then. Just weeks into dating, the couple found out that they were expecting Stormi.

He says that despite Kylie’s immense popularity, the young billionaire is extremely low-ley in real life. She tries to avoid being in the spotlight which makes him very happy because he also doesn’t like others interfering in his personal life.

Even though both talented parents have extremely busy schedules, they always make time for family and their daughter Stormi.

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