Technology Only Makes Us More Human, Here’s Why

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, we are moving towards a future that will solely be powered by technology.

Powerful tech firms like Netflix, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb have disrupted their industries and driven traditional companies into extinction.

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Almost every successful company utilizes technology to gain a competitive edge in its industry. But using technology in day-to-day business operations doesn’t mean that humans aren’t useful anymore.

On the contrary, technology wouldn’t be as efficient as it is today if it wasn’t for the collaborative effort by humans. Here are five reasons why technology can never replace us.

Technology Builds Trust

It’s almost impossible to make technical adjustments in a system without getting to know the technology behind it.

And most engineers who solve problems related to tech work collaboratively with each other. They share ideas and get to know each other in order to make sure they are all on the same page.


If anything, technology brings us together and helps us become better communicators. This eventually builds trust among co-workers and promotes a ‘human’ environment in the company.

Technology Creates a Constant Exchange of Information

Being a more technologically advanced generation, we are equipped with more knowledge to make better decisions.
When working together on a project, the exchange of information is vital. Most often, the answer to a problem isn’t as clear as it may seem. Reaching the solution buried underneath assumptions and guesswork requires working together and communicating efficiently.

Working Together is always a Quicker Solution

When it comes to finding solutions or creating new products in tech, the speed with which you reach the end goal, matters the most.

Working together, meeting face-to-face and building trust among the team always results in better, faster solutions.

More communication creates a real-time feedback loops. This means faster decisions which increase efficiency and save resources.

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Technology Helps us Change

Tech is constantly evolving which means that we need to change with it. This means that most projects don’t have a rigid end goal, giving problem-solvers the flexibility to steer the plan into a direction that gets them to the result in the most efficient manner.

Not only does technology makes it easier for humans to collaborate on projects but it also makes progress accessible to team members in real-time.


Tech Provides New Learning Opportunities

The knowledge tech teams gain through working collaboratively on products is passed on to others in the company in the form of work agility, project management skills and social adaptability.

The image media portrays of coders and programmers as anti-social beings hauled up in their basement couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The real-life tech culture is an immersive social experience where people communicate. They also collaborate, share, learn and care about the needs of humanity as a whole.

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