Tech is Entering a Dangerous Era – Here’s How You Can Survive it

Technology has seen many seasons in the past two decades. It has gone from being thrilling and world-changing to confusing and downright threatening. Now the new era of technology is upon us. Here is how you can navigate the changes in the industry.

The Ever-Changing Tech Industry

Remember when it felt so cool summoning a car through a smartphone app or video-chatting with people in the other corner of the world? Technology has seen a lot of changed since then. As the trend started to take off, more and more companies jumped into the industry, offering products that were always bigger and better than the previous models.

Every day, tons of revolutionary are being made around the world. With so much innovation happening at such a fast pace, consumers can get overwhelmed very quickly. The novelty of smartphones and gadgets wears off very quickly as new products, with more power and new features replace the old ones every year.

Five years ago, I would have given you the advice to only invest in Apple for all tech gadgets, use services by Google and digital media by Amazon. But this advice, like much of the technology from that time, is now outdated.

Technology has become a lot more invasive than it was five years ago. The top dogs that run the industry are becoming bigger and more powerful with each passing day. So much so, that this behemoth of an industry has become almost impossible to regulate by the governments.

But it is up to you, the consumer, to make the ethical choice when it comes to supporting tech companies. Especially in an age where so many of them have gone rogue. Here are a few tips to survive the next era of technology:

Look at a Company’s Business Model

Research on a company’s ethical and moral standing before investing in it. If you aren’t comfortable with how they make and sell their products, there are always other alternatives that you can choose from.

Companies likes Facebook have repeatedly breached their users’ trust. This only shows how far they’re willing to go for more money and power. Sure, some of their products and services are cheap and easy to use. But, if you consider the ethical sacrifice they require, supporting these companies is a pretty significant cost to humanity.

Don’t Support the Giants

Facebook, Amazon and Apple have killed the small business sector and put up entry barriers around the tech industry that are almost impossible for new innovators to break. In the past five years, tech has seen a lot of changes. But one thing that hasn’t changed is who’s running the show.

This kind of domination is bad for competition and innovation, and it makes the playground pretty uneven for smaller companies. It’s your job, as a consumer, to foster a healthier environment in the tech industry by supporting smaller brands instead of the giants.

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