Shh, Don’t Tell Harry! Meghan Markle Smoked Marijuana at Her First Wedding

Meghan markle first marriage

Meghan Markle’s wild past is finally exposed! The duchess has remained poised and proper ever since she tied the knot with Prince Harry, but her first marriage in 2011 was anything but royal.

Apparently, Markle and her then-husband, Trevor Engelson, were huge fans of marijuana. The bride and groom even rolled 200 joints for the guests at the wedding reception, sources claim.

Cheeky Meghan

There’s a lot that the world doesn’t know about Meghan Markle’s past. Like the fact that the former Suits actress openly endorsed marijuana at her wedding 2011.

She and ex-husband Engelson celebrated their union in an epic fashion – by handing out over 200 joints to guests. And the duchess herself helped roll the joints! We wonder what her new husband Harry has to say once he finds out about this.

Meghan Markle threw a wild wedding bash in Jamaica in 2011 where she and Engleson gave their guests bags of weed as a token of appreciation for attending the ceremony.

Sun first broke the news after it obtained leaked emails and private messages between the duchess and old friends. In the emails a friend enquired about Meghan’s plans for having marijuana at the wedding to which she responded, “already ordered ‘em.”

According to guests who attended the wedding, Meghan Markle scored the marijuana from the staff at the hotel where the couple were staying.

The duchess was excited to have weed at the party but it was mainly Trevor and his friends who came up with the idea of smoking up at the wedding. One guest claimed that Meghan only shared a couple of puffs with her new husband, but she wasn’t really into it.

Destination Wedding

Some even said that Meghan almost didn’t know how to smoke pot. It was Trevor who showed her how to roll joints and insisted that they have marijuana at the reception.

Meghan personally wanted champagne and rose. However, the couple decided that it’d be too cliché. The marijuana gift bags were definitely a surprise for the guests.

Since theirs was a destination wedding in Jamaica, Markle and Engleson thought it was appropriate to have a marijuana-themed party to celebrate their union. However, their marriage only lasted two years and the couple divorced in 2013.

The two were very well aware of the fact that smoking marijuana was illegal at the time. But the two went ahead with the plan anyway, thinking that no one would find out.

None of them had even the slightest clue that Meghan Markle would one day become one of the most popular royals of all time. The cheeky wedding was a 4-day affair at Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, attended by 100 guests.

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