Saying ‘Yes’ Instead of ‘No’ is the Secret to Successful Parenting – Here’s Why

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Parenting isn’t an easy job by any means. If you happen to have kids, you already know how often you have to tell them ‘no’ in a single day. But just because you are turning down their silly ideas and requests doesn’t mean that you’re a pushover.

Saying ‘No’ in Parenting

For example, what would you do if you see you 2-year-old son pulling the tail of the neighbor’s dog? Of course, no rational parent would encourage such behavior. And if you don’t say ‘no’ to them now, how will they learn to differentiate between right and wrong?

It’s obvious that saying ‘no’ is just a part of the agreement you make with the universe when deciding that you want to become a parent. But this parenting style can become problematic if your habit of excessively saying ‘no’ is subjecting the child to unnecessary rejection and negativity.

For people who are unfriendly and dismissive by nature, it can become hard to let go of this habit. But bringing it into the realms of parenting can create a hostile environment at home which negatively impacts children’s self-esteem.

The Dark Triad

People who are overly narcissistic – have the tendency to only care about themselves and not about others’ feelings – are often seen as high in the Dark Triad. In psychology, the Dark Triad is made up of three dangerous traits: psychopathy, narcissism and manipulation. ­

Research has shown that there is a strong link between Dark Triad and parenting techniques. People who have the traits associates with this concept were often raised by parents who are overly controlling, unsupportive and emotionally cold.

Growing up in such an environment can have an ever-lasting impact on a child’s psyche, and raises their chances of growing up to become parents who are cold and rejecting. This propels a never-ending cycle of low self-esteem which can continue for generations. But if you are a parent, you have the ultimate control over your child’s upbringing.

Providing a Supportive Environment

Parenting is, in many ways, reminiscent of the role of a CEO. As a leader it is your responsibility to be supportive towards those under you in order to build a strong foundation of trust. Same goes for raising children. While it is important to say ‘no’ to your child, it’s equally necessary to be a supportive leader and tell them ‘yes!’ at times.

Just like with leadership, parenting comes in many different styles, and it is up to you to choose one that’ll help you raise your children to become strong, independent members of the society. Saying ‘yes’ more often will create a positive and trusting environment at home.

Of course, it’s important to establish certain boundaries when it comes to raising kids. But you can still create a supportive culture alongside this approach to help your children become the best versions of themselves – and successful parenting starts with saying ‘yes’!

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