Pete Davidson has REMOVED Ariana Grande-Inspired Tattoo and Fans are Freaking Out

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s engagement news sent shock waves through Hollywood. Many are now speculating that the couple is on the rocks already.

Just for a Film Role

The breakup rumors were sparked when 24-year-old Davidson was spotted out and about without the tattoo of his ladylove, which he had gotten in honor of their relationship.

Suddenly, social media was flooded with gossip and speculations over the rumored breakup, but it has now been confirmed that Davidson and Grande are still together and very much in love with each other.

But, knowing how proudly the 24-year-old comedian has shown affection for Grande in public, why did he suddenly decide to conceal the tattoo just weeks after popping the question?

Davidson first got the tattoo behind his right ear in honor of his girlfriend in June 2018. The ink in question is a black bunny-eared mask popularized by Ariana Grande after the release of her album Dangerous Woman.

Just weeks later, TMZ snapped the 24-year-old running errands in Los Angeles, but something felt amiss; the iconic black bunny mask tattoo was no longer visible behind Pete’s ear.

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Where did the tattoo suddenly disappear? The answer isn’t as complicated as you’d expect.

Pete Davidson is currently shooting a film called Big Time Adolescence. This movie requires him to cover up all of his tattoos.

Which is why it makes total sense to cover up the Ariana-inspired tattoo while he had his acting game on. The film’s star-studded cast includes Sydney Sweeney, Thomas Barbusca, Machine Gun Kelly, Oona Laurence and Emily Arlook.

Disappearance from Social Media

Davidson’s bunny-eared tattoo is only out sight temporarily but his relationship with Ariana Grande is stronger than ever. If you don’t believe us, just look at this adorable photo of the couple posted on Ariana’s Instagram account on July 30 (almost two weeks after Davidson was seen without the tattoo).

The timing of the tattoo cover-up was slightly suspicious since both stars had shut down their social media accounts temporarily just a few days earlier. That is why the fans’ reaction to the rumors was somewhat justified.

But Davidson explained the reason behind his social media disappearance by saying that he needed some time away to focus on himself and his relationship.

The comedian said that the internet can be a source of toxic energy. That is why he and his fiancé are trying to distance themselves from it. Don’t worry, the couple assured that they’ll be back at some point to give more update fans on their relationship.

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