Panicked Meghan Markle Leaves Cotswold Home as Stalkers Invade Her Property

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly moving again after stalkers and paparazzi invaded their new country mansion.

Secret Address Leaked

Meghan and Harry can’t catch a break from the media. The couple has been followed everywhere from their residence in Kensington Palace to their getaway home in the Cotswold. With their first baby on the way, the loved up royals are desperate for some alone time. But privacy is one of the many things Meghan had to sign away when she chose to marry a prince.

The royal couple is even more concerned about their privacy since they have a baby on the way. According to insiders, Meghan is already overprotective of her baby bump, the last thing she wants is to put her child in harm’s way.

The two had already moved into their new $3 million country cottage and signed a 2-year lease. But then their secret address was leaked to the public and their retreat was constantly hounded by strangers and paparazzi who wanted to catch a glimpse of the popular royals.

Seeing strangers camped outside their lavish retreat has been freaking Meghan out. The home became unsafe for the expecting couple and they decided to flee the cottage just days after renting it. They are still expected to pay over $5,000 in rent every month since they signed a long-term lease.

The home was still relatively empty when Harry and Meghan decided to move out. The two didn’t even get a chance to settle in when people started trespassing their property.

Security Fears

Meghan’s security fears were heightened when she heard about the high-profile gang raids on mansions in the area where their new cottage was located. This part of Southern England is notorious for criminal activities despite being the most picturesque region for a getaway home.

The Royals’ new cottage sprawled over four acres of land and is surrounded by natural beauty, animals and greenery. The cottage was just perfect for Markle who loves nature and wanted to get away from the prying eyes of the media.

But now with the security issue, the Sussexes have a new dilemma on their hands. They could either move back into their old cottage in Kensington Palace or rent a new home somewhere in London just in time to welcome their firstborn. The couple is regretful for signing the lease so quickly without fully assessing the area’s security.




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