Panicked Kate Middleton Hires PR Team to Steal the Spotlight from Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Move over Meghan Markle! The future queen of England is here to reclaim her throne.

After news broke of their relationship turning sour, Kate and Meghan are going head-to-head in a popularity contest to win British hearts.

The Duchess of Cambridge has already claimed round one by hiring a new glam team to revamp her public image.

The Royal Feud

According to a royal source, Kate Middleton has never felt more threatened than she does now with the arrival of Meghan Markle in the royal family.

The new duchess has only been married to Prince Harry for 6 months but she has already won over the nation thanks to her charming personality, numerous public appearances and dedication to charitable causes. She’s quickly becoming the beloved Princess that England had once found in Dianna – but Kate isn’t happy with it.

Sources claim that the future queen doesn’t want to be shoved aside as Meghan hogs over the spotlight. Which is why she has decided to take matters into her own hands.

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly looking into hiring a public relations team to glam up her image. The source said that Kate is desperate to get back to her previous level of fame, especially after Meghan Markle’s popularity left her on the side lines.

Insider noted that Kate has put in so much effort to become a part of the royal family. And she isn’t ready to go down without a fight.

Squashing the Beef

The duchesses are apparently on good terms but deep down Kate knows that she could lose her current status in the royal family if she doesn’t step up her game.

Now she is looking into different options as to how she can refresh her image in public.

The news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are separating from the rest of the family has become the biggest royal news of the year.

Some are saying that the former Suits actress is creating a rift between the two brothers, with a new unfavourable allegation against the duchess springing up every day.

Recently, it was revealed that Meghan Markle’s difficult attitude had even reduced Kate to tears, as she left a bridesmaid dress fitting for Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

But Kate squashed the rumoured beef in a very sweet public statement. During her visit to Leicester, she was asked how she felt about Meghan’s pregnancy. The Duchess responded that she was very excited about the news and happy that her children will get to play with their new cousin.

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