Naked Yoga: A Bold but Effective Body Positive Trend

The wellness industry has gained massive popularity in recent years as more and more people turn towards a holistic lifestyle to improve their health.

Whether it’s skipping late-night Netflix binge to get up early in the morning for a spinning class, getting a health watch to count daily steps and monitor progress, or simply opting for a healthier breakfast to start your day well, it’s safe to say that most of us are seriously invested in our wellbeing.

The Naked Yoga Trend

A new health movement is gaining traction in the industry that claims to reduce stress and make you feel good inside out. But the trend isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s called naked yoga and if you’re wondering if it involves getting naked before doing the practice, you’re absolutely correct!

The trend, which started gaining popularity in 2016, has already amassed a number of high profile fans. Both Lady Gaga and Matthew McConaughey are also big fans of it. Now more naked yoga classes are being offered around the country as people spread the empowering message through social media platforms like Instagram.

Yoga, which focuses on the mind-body connection, is considered one of the best stress-busting exercises. Yogis are now promoting the idea that stripping down naked can intensify the yoga experience.

But there are no sexual or erotic connotations behind this strange practice. Instead, the idea is to boost your self-confidence so that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Benefits of the Practice

Even though naked yoga only recently cropped up in the industry, the practice has been around for several thousand years now. Ancient spiritual practices have been using nudity for centuries as a way to shed all material belongings.

People who have taken naked yoga classes believe that the practice gives you an amazing sense of self-confidence. Even those who suffer from body dysmorphia and other eating disorders tout the benefits of the practice.

But being completely naked in a room full of people can be one of the hardest things to do. A recent survey found that almost 60 per cent of the people are ashamed to be totally starkers in front of others.

But there’s something so pure and honest about practicing yoga in your natural skin. Yoga instructors say that it actually teaches people to accept themselves and love their bodies. This practice eventually leads higher body confidence, which lowers stress levels. What’s not to love about that?

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