More Trouble for the Royal Family as Meghan Markle’s Sister-in-Law Thrown in Jail

Meghan Markle’s troubled past has followed her into her newly married life as the Duchess of Sussex. Earlier this week it was reported that the new royalty’s soon-to-be sister-in-law had gotten into trouble with the law. Apparently, she had assaulted her fiancé and Meghan’s half-brother Thomas.

Assault Allegations

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Meghan Markle has repeatedly said that she has never been close with her brothers and sisters. And now, we can see why.

The former Suits actress belongs to a notorious family of troublemakers whose history with breaking the law only surfaced after she and Harry made their relationship public in the tabloids.

Since then, Markle’s family has done everything in their power to stop the royal wedding from happening. They have sent a very controversial letter to the Queen which revealed some strange accusations against the actress.

Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Jr. repeatedly appeared in magazine interviews claiming that the royal family was making a huge mistake by letting Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry.

In the interview, which appeared on, Thomas made bizarre statements about his sister. He even stirred up a new conspiracy that the royal family was planning to turn Meghan Markle into a zombie.

If that isn’t enough proof of how crazy Markle’s family is, then the new reports of assault charges against Thomas’ fiancé, Darlene Blount, will surely convince you.

Meghan Markle brother
Meghan Markle’s half brother with his fiancé

According to reports by Daily Mail, the police arrested Blount from the couple’s home in Grants Pass, Oregon on Friday after receiving an assault complaint against her. After spending a night in jail with fourth degree assault charges, she was free to walk the next morning.

History of Assault

According to the British tabloid, this isn’t the first time Markle’s soon-to-be sister-in-law has gotten into altercation with Thomas. On New Year’s Eve, Blount was arrested after the cops received a call from her 51-year-old, accusing her of getting intoxicated and physically assaulting him.

When into custody, Blount claimed that she had charged on Markle’s brother after he threatened to kill her and was hitting himself all night. But seeing Thomas covered in his own blood, the police didn’t believe Blount’s story and arrested her.

Meghan Markle’s brother has also had his fair share of trouble with the law. On January 12, 2017, he was arrested with assault charges when the police received a complaint from his fiancé. According to her, a drunken altercation between them had led to Thomas holding a gun to Blount’s head.

He later defended his actions in an interview with, saying that the gun had no bullets.  Later, he also apologized for assaulting his fiancé.

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