Michael Jackson’s Corpse to be Exhumed as More Sexual Victims Speak Up

It’s been a decade since his passing… However, several horrific sexual scandals have hounded the  King of Pop to this day.

Deceased Michael Jackson is being accused of heinous crimes against underaged kids. And, as more and more victims are speaking up about the alleged abuse, it’s likely that the superstar’s dead body could be exhumed in order to find evidence for the horrific sexual assault claims.

Unearthing the Dead

2019 has been one of the most shocking years so far. Several members of the entertainment industry accused of heinous crimes like assault, rape, and violence.

Earlier this year, multiple women accused rapper R Kelly of sexually assaulting them. A short documentary called Surviving R Kelly brought some of the survivors’ shocking stories to light.

But the biggest bombshell was yet to come in the form of a documentary called ‘Leaving Neverland’. The short film opened our eyes to several assault claims against Michael Jackson that have been swept under the rug over the past decade.

Many have accused the singer of indecent behavior towards minors, especially ill or disabled children. But as more and more victims speak up against the deceased pop star, the police is starting to investigate into these claims to prove once and for all whether Michael was really the serial molester many are accusing him to be.

Truth About Michael’s Neverland Ranch

Victims are demanding that the lawmakers exhume Michael’s body from his crypt. They might then try to scrape any evidence that might prove that he had indeed assaulted them. An insider revealed that the situation is getting more serious by the day. More and more alleged victims are now speaking up against Jackson.

So far, there are 11 people who claim that they were subjected to sexual assault at the hands of the singer in their early teenage years. It’s highly likely that an autopsy on Jackson’s body to reveal whether or not the victims are telling the truth.

At the helm of the renewed attacks against Jackson are two men; James Safechuck, 40, and Wade Robson, 36. Their testimonies first appeared in the shocking documentary that premiered at the Sundance Festival in January. The two gave detailed accounts on the singer’s inappropriate behavior towards them.

But the reality about these assault incidents is far grimmer than that. Several reports are claiming that dozens of terminally ill and disabled children had been sent to Michael’s Neverland ranch to fulfill his disturbing sexual fantasies.

Some of these children were as young as seven at the time of the abuse. If the FBI starts a criminal investigation against the late pop star, his family will have no say in whether or not his body should be exhumed.


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