Meghan Markle’s Stress from Public Attacks Leaves Prince Harry Feeling Guilty

Is Meghan Markle unhappy in her new role in the royal family? Sources close to the Suits actress claim that she is unhappy and lonely despite her pregnancy.

The duchess has been subjected to a storm of negative press and harsh criticism ever since she married into the family. Now, insider report reveals that Prince Harry feels responsible for all the negative publicity Meghan has been receiving lately.

Meghan and Harry move house

Feeling Miserable and Lonely

Many would agree that Meghan Markle had to sacrifice a lot before her marriage to Prince Harry. The 37-year-old gave up on her acting career, distanced herself from family and friends and even erased her presence on social media as per royal protocol.

Now the duchess is regretting her decision after finding out that being a royalty isn’t as glamorous as she had hoped.

Harry has been feeling guilty for Meghan’s misery but he feels helpless for not being able to publicly defend his wife.

The Duke of Sussex, 34, takes every criticism against Markle very personally. Often the couple become very frustrated with the fake rumors circulating in the media. But there’s not much they can do to address the speculations, due to strict royal protocol.

Ever since their wedding in May, Meghan Markle has faced a lot of bad publicity regarding her difficult ‘diva’ behavior. The Duchess was even blamed for driving a rift between the brothers, Harry and William. A recent Vanity Fair report accused Meghan of social climbing and trying to sabotage her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s public image.

A Difficult Transition

A royal insider says that between transitioning into her new royal lifestyle and being pregnant with her first child, Meghan is dealing with a lot of changes.

Now with the recent public backlash, the mother-to-be is under a lot of stress. This makes Harry feel very concerned for her, thinking that all this stress could be bad for the baby’s health.

This is not the first time Meghan Markle has faced bad publicity in British media. Before her wedding in May, details of the duchess’ personal life were aired in public. Especially after her family decided to speak out against her.

At the time, she desperately wanted to speak out against the accusations made by her half-sister, Samantha Markle and father, Thomas Markle, but had to remain silent.

During her acting career, Meghan was always vocal about issues and controversies regarding her life. She often responded to rumors through social media channels or through a spokesperson. But now she has the entire royal staff involved in her personal life and the direction of her public image.


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