Meghan Markle’s Royal Diet Secrets Revealed!

It’s been a few weeks since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry exchanged vows in a modern-day fairytale wedding watched by millions of people across the globe. And ever since the former American actress and humanitarian joined the ranks of British royals, we’ve been obsessed with her dedication to health and fitness despite having a busy schedule.

The stylish Suits actress has been giving her body a royal treatment even before she fell in love with Harry. During her acting career, she spoke elaborately on the importance of eating well and sticking to a consistent workout routine.

On her now-closed website, Meghan Markle revealed that she has a passion for trying new healthy recipes and even shared some of her go-to weight-loss hacks.

This must make you wonder how Meghan Markle, the new duchess of Sussex, takes care of herself; what is her go-to breakfast? Which foods does she love the most? What is her advice for people who’re trying to lose weight? We put on our detective hats and investigated into Meghan’s past to find any food references from her interviews and appearances.

We uncovered that the former actress loves sticking to breakfast staples like acai bowls and smoothies, whereas she would follow a strict vegan diet before an important event or a photo shoot. Of course she has her guilty pleasures like cheesy pasta carbonara and French fries, which she occasionally indulges in. But on regular days, these are Meghan Markle’s favorite go-to foods for maintaining a slim figure.

Lemon Tea benefits
Lemon Tea

Hot Lemon Tea

Having had a busy schedule as a television actress, Meghan Markle revealed in an interview with Delish that her daily morning ritual involved waking up at 4:15 a.m. and making it to the sets by 5 a.m. Being short on time, she often reached for a hot glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon instead of coffee.

Banana oats benefits

Oats with Banana and Agave Syrup

When you’re a high-profile actress who is always on the go, you want a breakfast option that is quick to make and healthy to eat.

Markle’s breakfast consists of overnight steel-cut oats that she soaks in almond milk the night before and tops with a dash of Agave syrup and chopped banana.

acai bowls benefits recipes

Acai Bowls

When she’s in the mood to have something light and refreshing for breakfast, Meghan Markle goes with a quick Acai bowl, blended freshly with her favorite fruits, hemp hears and chia seeds.

You can even find the royal beauty’s favorite Acai bowl recipe at

green juice for weight loss

Daily Green Juice

During the afternoon, Markle opts for a healthy green juice instead of coffee, and sometimes she even has another glass before dinner.

She told Delish that she is a strong believer of food-as-medicine philosophy which is why she loves incorporating organic green juices into her diet.

fish tacos recipe

Grilled Fish Tacos

When she’s off her green juice and lemon water game, Meghan Markle loves having Baja-style food for lunch or dinner.

When she’s in the mood for tacos, she makes her own healthy version with grilled white fish encased in a whole wheat tortilla and topped with peppers, grilled onions and a squeeze of lime.

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