Meghan Markle’s Personal Assistant Quits Amidst Rumors of Royal Diva Demands

Meghan Markle has held the royal status for only six months and there are already rumors about her diva behavior! According to reports from British Daily Mail, the Duchess has been making too many unreasonable demands from her royal aides, who are all working tirelessly to make her happy.

But alas, news broke last week that Meghan Markle’s trusted personal assistant has thrown in the towel and resigned from her job.

Diva Behavior

Working for one of the most powerful royal families on earth is anything but easy. How long do you think you’ll last if you were to serve as an aide to the new Duchess, Meghan Markle?

Apparently, her personal assistant couldn’t take the royalty’s diva demands for six months and decided to quit last week. The news was first reported by British Daily Mail, where the aide was identified as ‘Melissa’.

According to sources, Melissa was considered the most trustworthy member of Meghan’s team which is why her decision to leave Kensington Palace came as a shock to the rest of the royal staff. It seems a bit strange for the royal aide to abandon such a prestigious position within six months. What exactly happened that forced Melissa to walk away from possibly the best career opportunity of her life?

A source said that the PA was struggling to save Meghan Markle’s public image amidst scandals involving her biological family. Reporters saw the duchess’ father, Thomas, spreading fake photos and false information about his own daughter just weeks before she married Prince Harry. He ultimately pulled out of the royal wedding after suffering from a heart attack.

What Meghan Wants, She Gets

Rumors of Meghan Markle’s diva behavior have been floating around for a while now. In the biography Charles at 70, writer Robert Johnson described an incident before the royal wedding where Harry raised his voice at the staff and screamed, “What Meghan wants, she gets!”

Recently, news began circulating that the Queen had tried to warn Harry about Meghan’s unreasonable demands. Allegedly, the duchess kerfuffle over which tiara she would wear on her wedding day. She originally wanted an emerald tiara but the Queen denied. She eventually had to settle with a diamond headpiece instead.

The former Suits star, 37, recently announced that she was pregnant with her first child. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting a royal baby on May 2, according to a statement from the Kensington Palace. Meghan Markle’s diva demands have been on a rise lately. She recently requested for a completely natural childbirth which is against the royal protocol of putting the child’s safety first.

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