Meghan Markle’s Past Comes Back to Haunt her in an Embarrassing Film

It’s not unfair to say that the British Royal household has seen its fair share of family drama in recent times ranging from Meghan Markle’s father’s denial to attend the royal wedding to various rants and outbursts from her family on social media and on tv aimed at the royal household.

Her high-profile relationship and eventual marriage to Prince Harry meant that she was the talk of the town literally overnight with tabloids headlining her every move.

Meghan markle party girl movie

Back on Big Screen

Naturally, with the increase in her celebrity profile and association with the Royals meant that everyone was more interested in Meghan’s colorful past. It’s not uncommon in Britain to critique the new entrants of the royal household.

An example of this is the re-release of her 2015 series Anti-Social as a “special edition” in 2017. This is no doubt a cash grab from the producers and associates in a bid to cash in on some of Meghan’s newfound celebrity status.

In the latest episode of the British royal family drama, it has been revealed that a 2011 TV movie titled The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down starring Meghan is set to be re-released this year, almost a decade after its original premiere.

The film showcases the Duchess of Sussex in a shall we say, less than ideal way. She plays a party girl who wears skin-tight dresses on her visits to nightclubs, and uh, snorts a substance that suspiciously looks very much like cocaine.


A Royal Nightmare

Meghan Markle famously gave up on her acting career to marry Prince Harry. This was a condition she had to accept to be a part of the royal household. Markle made her last appearance in the hit TV series Suits one month before tying the knot.

The 2011 film that has been making the headlines this week The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down has been picked up by Artist Rights Distribution. They intend to release it in the US later this year. We wonder what the Queen thinks about this latest nose dive on the Meghan Markle roller coaster. We can safely assume she would definitely have some choice words to say on the matter!

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