Meghan Markle Wants to Move Out of Kensington Palace as Diva Rumors Escalate

prince ahrry and meghan markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ready to move out of their two-bedroom cottage at the Kensington Palace as they hope to grow their family in the future. Sources have revealed that the decision was made upon Meghan Markle’s request for a bigger place. Especially now that the couple has a baby on the way.

Moving Out

The timing for the move couldn’t have been more perfect. Another royal family at the palace is vacating the luxurious 21-room mansion that Meghan and Harry have been eyeing for months. The lavish residence, also known as the Apartment 1, has been home to the Duke of Gloucester, 74, Queen’s first cousin, and his family.

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But in the midst of rumors about Meghan’s diva behavior, many are speculating that there could be a more serious reason behind their decision to split from the rest of the royal family. Moreover, royal insiders have also revealed that The Duke of Gloucester’s Danish-born wife, Birgitte doesn’t want to give up on the Apartment. The 21-bedroom mansion is situated close to Kate and Will’s spacious residence.

A friend of the Danish Duchess says that Birgitte has retaliated against Meghan and Harry’s request for the Apartment 1. According to her, the Queen herself awarded the mansion to them. They shouldn’t have to leave as long as her husband is still working for The Firm.

Separation From Kate and Will

However, the rumors were denied in an official statement fro the Kensington Palace. The royal spokesperson says that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren’t really planning on moving into Apartment 1 anytime soon. This statement is intriguing. Especially since there have been reports that the royal couple might look for a home elsewhere in the country.

Another royal source recently revealed that Harry and Meghan do want to move out of their tiny cottage. But the couple isn’t willing to move in next to William and Kate. Since the brothers will have separate offices in the future, it makes sense for Harry to leave the confines of the Palace.

Meghan Markle is also insisting that they use their own money to buy a comfortable home in London. The news comes just weeks after it was found that the two royal couples are planning a formal division due to personal differences. Even the duchesses Catherine and Meghan don’t lead similar lives which has created a rift between the two families.

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