Meghan Markle Under Fire as Third Royal Staffer Quits Amidst Diva Rumors


Meghan Markle is finding her new role as the Duchess of Sussex a tough adjustment. The former Suits actress has come under fire for her reported diva behavior that has caused three royal aides to quit their jobs so far.

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A Royal Stampede

Insiders claim that the palace staff is struggling to keep up with the duchess’ growing demands. Many are even contemplating quitting their jobs. The palace is starting to resemble a stampede, a royal source claimed.

The trend was first started by Meghan’s personal assistant. She resigned from her position just six months after the royal wedding, sending shockwaves through British media.

Now, a new report claims that Meghan’s private secretary, Samantha Cohen, has also decided to leave her position. The news came a huge shock to the royal offices. Especially since Cohen had been one of the most trusted staffer, appointed to the office by the Queen herself.

The 49-year-old secretary has been with the royal family for over 20 years. She was recently appointed to Meghan’s personal team with the task of helping the new duchess understand the rules of becoming a royal. But just six months into the crash course and Cohen has already had enough of Markle’s attitude.

Can’t Take the Heat

Cohen, who is originally from Adelaide, Australia, was part of the Buckingham Palace staff until the royal wedding six months ago.

She was asked to move into the Kensington Palace with the newly-weds where she would play the role of Meghan’s royal advisor. Cohen first started as a press secretary in the Buckingham Palace two decades ago. But she quickly moved up the ranks to become the Queen’s private secretary.

Cohen isn’t the only one who is finding Meghan’s attitude hard to adjust to. Only recently another important staffers from Prince Harry’s team decided to quit his job. Edward Lane Fox, who was the closest aide to the prince, often considered as his right-hand man, walked out the door after being in the office for 15 years.

With Cohen being the third royal staffer to resign within the past six months, this is turning out to be an alarming trend.

Since all of the resignations took place after Meghan Markle joined the royal family, many are pointing out that it could be the duchess’ difficult behaviour that is creating trouble in the couple’s royal offices.

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