Meghan Markle Shows Harry Who’s the Boss, Tells Him to Quit Tea and Coffee

Harry and Meghan latest news

A royal insider recently claimed that Prince Harry has been banned from drinking tea and coffee as per his pregnant wife’s orders. We never took Harry for an obedient royal, especially considering his controversial past.

The young prince has been to a fair number of wild parties while he was still a bachelor. But the days of freedom are long behind him and now he must abide by his wife’s house rules – or go sleep in the dog house.

Meghan’s New Demands

Meghan Markle’s diva demands have reached new heights. The duchess has been rumored to keep Harry in the palm of her hand – and she’s only tightening her grip on him with each passing day. Most recently, she demanded Harry to quit his coffee and tea habit.

She wants her husband to feel some sympathy for her since she can’t have any caffeine or alcohol during her pregnancy.

Meghan, who’s expecting her first child next spring, has been advised to drink only mineral water and herbal teas until her delivery. Since she considers child-bearing a shared responsibility between both parents, the duchess wants Harry to go on the caffeine cleanse with her.

According to insider reports, the Duke of Sussex is only spotted with a bottle of water nowadays. Harry has even been avoiding beers with friends and spends most of his time at home next to pregnant wife. But there’s a bright side to this new house rule.

Fitter and Healthier Than Ever

Thanks to Meghan Markle, Harry has managed to lose a few pounds and is looking visibly fitter after kicking his drinking habit. The Duke’s impressive physique hardly went unnoticed as he stepped out for the annual walk to the church on Christmas morning.

The source said that it’s quite an achievement that Meghan Markle has managed to get Harry off of Booze. The prince has been known for his brutal drinking habits from bachelor days. His wild partying habits have even landed him in trouble with the media.

The duchess is going the extra mile with her new commitment to health and wellness. She has even asked Harry to join her in yoga class and encourages him to exercise more often. The prince is reportedly a lot happier and healthier ever since he started eating well and working out.

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