Meghan Markle Heads Back to Television Screens After her Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle is no stranger to the camera. However, no one thought that she would return to television screens so soon after her marriage!

The Duchess of Sussex has agreed to be a part of her first ever documentary series since joining the Royal Family. The new series will not only feature the 37-year-old Markle, but also her new husband Harry, 33. The rest of the members of the Royal Family, will also be present.

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A New Documentary

As much as we wish, the documentary in question isn’t about Meghan Markle. The main focus of the film will be Queen Elizabeth and the Commonwealth.

The film, under the name, Queen of the World briefly features Meghan and Harry for a conversation about their relationship with the queen. The couple also dishes some details on their wedding which took place in July.

A source from the palace says that the documentary will be divided into a two-part series. It will air on ITV in September. Other members of the family including Queen’s daughter Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex have also participated in sit-down interviews for the film.

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ITV also made a statement confirming the participation of Prince Charles and Prince William to share some lesser-known facts about the Royal Family and relationship with the Sovereign.

Meghan Markle and the Commonwealth

Although it isn’t sure what role Meghan Markle will play in the documentary, many say that she will discuss some details about her wedding. The Duchess has had interactions with the Commonwealth even before she met Prince Harry.

She is a humanitarian at heart who has taken part in a number of initiatives to address global issues.  Even her wedding dress was a nod towards the Commonwealth. The 5-meter long veil she adorned featured flowers from all 53 Commonwealth nations.

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The film is set to release before Harry and Meghan head out on a round of international tours. The couple is headed to Australia first. They will be followed by a number of other Commonwealth nations including Fiji, New Zealand and Tonga.

In its statement, ITV said that the Documentary will underscore the importance of Commonwealth for the Queen. Also, how the younger generation is benefiting from the knowledge and experience she gained first hand from ruling a nation.

The documentary is a rare opportunity to see the Queen behind the scenes in the role of a leading world figure. Many say that the series could not be more timely as Harry and Meghan prepare to set out on their first Commonwealth journey, 65 years after Her Majesty had her first Commonwealth tour.

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