Meghan Markle Gets Surprise Visit from Sister Samantha. Kensington Palace Turns Her Away!

We all know the brash, outspoken half-sister of Meghan Markle, Samantha. Just when we thought that’ she couldn’t do anything worse to ruin her sister’s life, she surprised the Kensington Palace with a surprise visit – but had to return empty-handed.

Meghan Markle sister

Surprise Visitor

Meghan Markle’s family has portrayed itself as somewhat opportunistic ever since her relationship with Prince Harry first became public. After trying her best to break up the royal couple over the past few months, Samantha Markle showed up at the Kensington Palace unannounced. The sister requested to see the Duchess of Sussex but the security didn’t let her through.

The 53-year-old had flown out to U.K. hoping to get a confrontation with the new royal. But, all she got was a wall of silence by the palace security personnel and a ‘No entry’ sign. The embarrassing standoff outside the palace was caught on photographs. Samantha, who was in a wheelchair due to her multiple sclerosis, tried to plead with the guards but to no avail.

The half-sister had to turn away eventually, but not before handing a note to the security. We’re guessing that the letter was meant for Meghan Markle. But what could she possibly want from the duchess after all the scheming she has done to tarnish her public image?

Samantha Markle

No Entry

The photos of Samantha outside the Kensington Palace were bizarre to say the least. After being denied entry, she turned towards a souvenir shop to buy photos of Harry and Meghan. The 53-year-old clutched photos of her half-sister but refused to leave the royal area. She was also accompanied by her partner.

The shocking appearance follows a threatening letter received by the Kensington Palace that Samantha’s behavior would get worse if she doesn’t get to see the Duchess. But the fact that she was turned away from the gate shows that Meghan Markle is no mood to speak to her. And who can blame her? After all Samantha’s recent public bust-ups have been nothing but a cry for attention.

It was clear that the palace staff turned her away at specific instructions of the royal family. What will Markle do next to come face-to-face with Meghan? Samantha has done everything in her power to belittle the duchess from selling photos of her to calling her a ‘social climber’ and even ‘DutchASS’. Well, if we were Meghan, we wouldn’t want to see Samantha either.

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