Lonely Meghan Markle Regrets Marrying Harry and Wants her Old Life Back

Meghan Markle is more famous now as a member of the British Royal family than she was before as a Hollywood actress.

The Duchess of Sussex is officially the second-most popular celebrity this year on Google search, following singer Demi Lovato who made headlines earlier this year overdosing on heroin.

Being part of the Royal family may have brought Markle fame and fortune. However, the Duchess is still very unhappy in her new life. Well, at least she gets to be sad in her lavish 21-bedroom cottage in Frogmore. It can’t be that bad, right?

The Infamous Royal

Perhaps her status as the second most googled person on the planet has something to do with her troublesome family which went above and beyond to prevent her marriage to Prince Harry. Both Meghan’s brother and sister publicly bashed the duchess and said that the royals were making a big mistake by accepting her into the family.

Even Markle’s own father was caught in a fake photo scandal and gave numerous interviews insulting the Royal family. After all the drama that unfolded prior to the royal nuptials, it’s safe to say that Meghan isn’t exactly favored by the British media.

The initial coverage after the wedding was quite positive. Many called Meghan Markle a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the royal family. Some even compared her to Princess Diana.

But as the charm began to wear off, nasty stories about the Duchess’ diva-like behavior towards her royal staff began to emerge. According to reports, Meghan’s difficult attitude resulted in her personal assistant resigning from her job just six months after the wedding.

Feeling Isolated

Now new reports are indicating that the former Suits actress is very unhappy with her new life. She misses her old life, her friends and feels completely isolated in her new role. Life as royalty is far from what she dreamed off. Sources say that she is beginning to regret her decision to marry Prince Harry.

Before meeting Harry, the world knew very little about Meghan Markle. The then-actress had a lot more freedom to do the things she loved. But now with paparazzi breathing down her neck 24-7, it has become almost impossible for her to be her old self.

Some say that her mood swings have a lot to do with the fact that she’s pregnant. But even with a baby on the way, the duchess feels very isolated. Sources say that Harry tried to be there by Meghan’s side as much as possible. But, it’s not the same for as it used to be back in Hollywood days.

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