Kim Kardashian Just Took a Boeing 747 Private Jet to Japan, and it Cost her MILLIONS!

Is it just us or is Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle getting more luxurious by the day? The reality television star is apparently playing with millions.

In fact, she has so much spare cash lying around that she decided to charter an entire Boeing 747 Private Jet for herself and her man. We’re shook.

Flying in Style

We’ve all heard of celebrities owning private jets, luxury yachts and million-dollar mansions – but an entire Boeing 747 Private Jet meant to fly at least 660 people? That’s unheard of!

The uber-rich couple is riding on millennial obsession for brands like yeezys – and whatever it is that Kim Kardashian is selling nowadays.

Just a day after Thanksgiving, the social media queen posted an Instagram story of her huge private jet – because flying first class is not good enough for this family.

The couple was jetting off to Japan which is why they decided to charter an entire Boeing 747 for the long haul flight.

Kim Kardashian wrote on Instagram that she’s never heard of someone flying private on a 747. But apparently it was her husband’s idea, and why not? After all he has the money to afford these luxuries.

A Tour of the Luxurious Jet

The reality tv star also took her 120 million Instagram followers on a ride, showing them around the massive aircraft that apparently had more bedrooms than their Hidden Hills mansion! I mean, a 660-seater jet just for two average-sized adults? Now that’s a pretty spacious arrangement.

The couple had their own private bedroom on the plane with a full-sized bed – because lie-flat seats are for peasants. Even the en-suite bathroom was nothing short of luxurious with its large basin and a marble counter.

Of course there was enough space to fit the couple’s entourage as well. The two-store plane was stocked with snacks and even had its own private gym!

Now you’re probably wondering how much the whole thing cost. From what we know, a plane as big as Boeing 747  can cost $200,000 per hour, and considering that the couple were flying for at least 10 hours, they probably had to pay $2 million – and that’s just for one way!

Many are speculating that the couple scored the plane ride for free, especially since Kim mentioned Adidas in her Instagram story, the well-known sports brand that owns Kanye’s Yeezy.

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