Jeff Bezos’ Wife Threatens to Spill Amazon’s Darkest Secrets if He Doesn’t Hand Over Half of His Fortune

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos might be the richest man on the planet but his love life is in shambles. And no amount of money can save him from the nasty divorce he and estranged wife MacKenzie are headed towards.

Jeff Bezos

Cheating Scandal

Sources close to the billionaire say that MacKenzie is threatening to air all of Bezos’ dirty laundry if he doesn’t pay up in the divorce settlement.

The novelist is livid after finding out about her husband’s affair with another married woman, and now she wants to get even with him. And what better way to make him pay for his mistakes than by taking half of his fortune.

After spending 25 years with Bezos and witnessing the rise of one of the biggest business empires in the tech industry, MacKenzie has a lot of dirt on the Amazon founder which could destroy his career if the public gets a whiff of it.

The founder of the biggest ecommerce platform is worth $137 billion today. But he may no longer be able to maintain his status as the richest person in the world if his wife gets half of his fortune after the divorce. Bezos announced his decision to divorce MacKenzie on Wednesday through a Twitter post.

Soon after the news broke, ENQUIRER published a shocking story about the billionaire’s raunchy affair with Lauren Sanchez, a television presenter married to media mogul, Patrick Whitesell. The tech mogul’s long-lost aunt said in an interview that Bezos should prepare himself for an ugly divorce.

Blissful Marriage… No More

She added that MacKenzie has lived through many ups and downs during the 25 years of their marriage. She helped Bezos build this business and had to sacrifice a lot for his professional aspirations.

That is why, she deserves the fortune as much as he does. The estranged couple share four children together: one adopted daughter and three sons.

It’s highly likely that the couple will reach a divorce settlement, and MacKenzie would have to sign a contract barring her from discussing any sensitive information about Jeff or his business endeavors.

It’s clear that the billionaire will go to any lengths to protect his company’s darkest secrets. And if giving MacKenzie half of his wealth is the only way to save Amazon, he’ll make that sacrifice.

Jeff and MacKenzie first met at an investment management firm in New York. Their offices were right next to each other. Just few months into dating, the two decided to get married. Jeff went on to found Amazon in 1994 and MacKenzie fully supported her husband on his journey to become the richest man on the planet.

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