Harry and Meghan Markle Prepare to Move Out as Tension Escalates in Royal Family

Meghan and Harry move house

With baby numero uno on the way, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are making some big changes in their lives to create the perfect environment for raising a family. And perhaps the best way to do it is by moving as far away from Kate and Will as possible?

Royal Trouble Brewing

Meghan Markle

Lately, the media has been buzzing with reports about tension between the two royal couples residing in Kensington Palace. News began circulating a while ago that Meghan and Harry were eyeing the 21-room Apartment 1 right next to Kate and William’s luxurious residence. But the reports were denied by Kensington Palace.

Now the couple’s spokesperson has come forth with new developments in their relocation plans. According an article published by Daily Mail, the soon-to-be parents are moving out of their two-bedroom cottage at the Palace and moving into another cottage outside London.

But don’t be fooled by the term ‘cottage’ mentioned in the official statement. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new home in Windsor has 10 bedrooms and a nursery. No wonder the Duchess is so keen to move out of her current abode.

The couple chose to live on the Windsor Estate, because the place is very special to them and they’d like to start their family away from the busy city life. The royals are planning to make the move some time next year before the arrival of their first child.

Moving on to Bigger Things

meghan pregnant

According to the official announcement, they will keep their cottage in Kensington Palace as their second home for holidays. The Duke and Duchess will also continue to run the business side of affairs from the Palace. This means that they’ll still see Kate and William occasionally when they visit London.

If you’ve never heard about Frogmore Cottage, which will become Harry and Meghan’s new home starting next year, it’s a lavish residence just outside of Windsor Castle granted to the couple as a wedding present by the Queen.

The cottage is situated on the estate of a much larger Frogmore House, 20 miles outside of London. The place holds a special meaning for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It was at Frogmore House where the couple held their wedding reception and took those iconic engagement photos that we absolutely fell in love with.

But as much as the move is intended to put some distance between the two royal couples, sources also claim that Harry and Meghan chose the bigger cottage in order to have more space for their growing family.

A royal source recently revealed that there was some tension between Harry and William. Even Meghan Markle wanted to move away from her in-laws and strike out on her own.

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