Fans Attack Demi Lovato’s Backup Dancer for Nearly Killing Her

Last Tuesday, Singer Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital after overdosing on heroin. Now fans and internet trolls are outraged that her backup dancer and close friend Dani was responsible for the overdose.

Bad Influence

TMZ reported last week that 25-year-old Cool For The Summer singer has overdosed on Heroin in her Hollywood Hills home. She had to be rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors treated her with an opioid antidote, Narcan, to revive her.

One of Demi Lovato’s backup dancers has now spoken out on the internet after being bashed for being a ‘bad influence’ on the star.

In an official Instagram statement, Dani defended herself by saying that she was always a good friend to Demi. The dancer added that while she was not with Demi when the overdosing incident occurred, she remained with her in hospital during her recovery and will support her on her journey towards sobriety in the future.

Dani Vitale requested fans to remain positive through the difficult times and send good thoughts and prayers towards the star instead of bashing or blaming others.

Dani wrote that till now, she has chosen to remain silent on the issue as her friend’s recovery was the top priority. The heartfelt post reminded fans that she and Demi were extremely close friends after all. Neither of them would wish to bring such an ill fate upon each other.

The Overdosing Incident

Despite Dani’s denial, TMZ’s report suggests that the backup dancer was present in Demi Lovato’s house the night she overdosed on heroin.

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Reportedly, the singer had sent out a message to her friends after midnight on Tuesday, asking them to come over to her Hollywood Hills mansion to celebrate the birthday of one of her backup dancers.

The next morning, Demi’s assistant became worried when the singer didn’t emerge from her room till 11 a.m. She knocked on the door continuously, and when Demi didn’t respond, she entered the room and found her unconscious. The house staff called the ambulance, although none of them were aware of the cause of emergency.

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Sources from the fire department later claimed that the singer had lost consciousness after overdosing on drugs.

However, her family members have denied all claims and said that Demi didn’t use any heroin that night. The singer has already admitted in her new single Sober that she has relapsed into old addiction habits and is no longer clean.

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