Don’t Tell Meghan! Harry Caught Drinking After Duchess Made Him Swear Off Booze

It was only a few weeks ago when we reported about Meghan Markle’s ban on all caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. The rule wasn’t just applicable to the royal staff working for the Duchess, but also to her poor husband.

Behind Meghan’s Back

Meghan has strictly forbidden Prince Harry from drinking tea, coffee or booze while she is pregnant. But the Prince being the party animal he was famous for, before he met Meghan, can’t do without a few drinks.

A recent report claimed that Harry was caught sneaking into a pub in London with friends. Witness saw him downing a few beers while poor Meghan spent the night alone at home.

Fans were shocked to see Harry drinking booze after Meghan had especially asked him not to. Royal sources claim that the Prince has been unhappy and lonely ever since his wife placed the alcohol ban on him. He misses his beer and spending time with friends, something he hasn’t been able to do in a while.

Solo Outings

Dailyconnexion readers already know that Meghan Markle is pregnant with Prince Harry’s first child. The Duchess has been told to swear off alcohol and caffeine until she gives birth, but she wants Harry to do the cleanse with her. The two have been practicing yoga together, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water.

But the detox is starting to take a toll on Harry, who wants to return to his old partying ways. The Prince arrived at a Pub in London on Wednesday, surrounded by his royal entourage.

Spectators were shocked by the sight of Harry alone dressed in black, while Meghan remained at home. One witness said that Harry was encircled by his security team at the pub so that no one tried to approach it. This particular place is Harry’s go-to pub, especially because it is owned by his grandfather.

Harry’s recent outing didn’t stop Meghan from performing her royal duties. The Duchess stepped out for a solo appearance at the University of London where she was invited as the special guest for a Commonwealth panel discussion. The glowing mum-to-be was dressed in all black, but what surprised the spectators was that there was no Harry in sight.

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