Demi Lovato Suffering Complications From Overdose, Still Hospitalized!

Demi Lovato is still hospitalized due to health complications after suffering from a drug overdose last week, sources close to the singer revealed.

Health Complications

25-year-old singer, Demi Lovato, was found unconscious in her Beverly Hills home last week on Tuesday after which she was rushed to the nearest hospital in Los Angeles.

Although she is expected to recover fully in the following weeks, no one from her family or PR team has confirmed whether she will enter a rehabilitation program to overcome her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

A source close to Demi revealed that everyone is trying to help her recover from the overdose. Which is why it is too soon to say whether entering treatment will be the next step in her recovery process.

Just a few days ago, reports emerged that the singer was already out from the hospital. However, new sources now claim that her health suddenly became worse over the weekend. That is why doctors decided to keep her hospitalized for longer.

Apparently, Demi had developed an infection and came down with a fever – common symptoms in people who suffer from drug overdose. She is currently receiving the medical care she needs to recover fully and will most probably return home after a few more days.

Support from Ex-Boyfriend

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Sources also said that Demi Lovato currently has the full support of her family as well as ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. He has stayed by her side throughout her recovery. The 25-year-old’s parents are already looking into different rehab facilities in Los Angeles. However, the decision will have to be Demi’s at the end of the day.

Wilmer, who dated Demi Lovato for six years, is also very concerned about her health. He wants her to go to rehab immediately after getting out from the hospital.

Sources said that the ex-boyfriend rushed to Demi’s side on Wednesday after hearing the news of her overdose. Apparently, he has been visiting her regularly ever since.

This isn’t the first time Demi Lovato’s battle with addiction has reached the tabloids. In 2010 she entered rehab after admitting to drug addiction. She went back to her addiction soon after leaving rehab. Demi then had to enroll in a sober living facility for over a year.

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