Demi Lovato Out Of Emergency Room But Back In Rehab

It’s been a terribly sad week for Demi Lovato, who was rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday after overdosing on heroin.

No Longer in Danger

TMZ recently obtained a redacted audio recording from fire officials revealing details of 911’s correspondence with the caller who requested medical help for Lovato in Tuesday.

The five-minute audio recording doesn’t reveal the cause of emergency. However, sources close to the singer have confirmed that she became unconscious after overdosing on heroin.

Just before noon, Tuesday, paramedics arrived at Demi Lovato’s residence in Hollywood Hills where the overdosing incident took place. The unconscious singer was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where doctors tried to revive her with Narcan.

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Several news agencies including People and TMZ cited drug overdose as the probable cause of the emergency.

No one from the singer’s friends or family have confirmed the news publicly but sources close to Demi say that she has gained consciousness and is no longer in critical condition.

Returning to Rehab

After being hospitalized for a few days, she was recently discharged and returned to her home in Hollywood Hills. She will remain under constant supervision until she can return to a rehabilitation facility.

Sources say that Demi Lovato is now choosing to focus on her personal health instead of her career. Her manager is cancelling all tours and concerts over the next few months so that the 25-year-old can take the time she needs away from the spotlight to overcome the drug addiction.

While awaiting a drug abuse treatment, Lovato is spending time with her loved ones who are showing her the support she needs to win the battle against the life-threatening addiction.

Struggles With Addiction

This will be the second time Demi Lovato checks into a rehabilitation facility in her career. In 2010, the Solo singer publicly admitted her struggles with substance abuse. She said that she had decided to get professional help to fight her way out.

Lovato’s publicist didn’t make a statement or answer queries right away. However, he recently revealed that she was finally awake and surrounded by family and friends.

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The statement requested the media to refrain from false reporting or speculations regarding the incident and respect the singer’s privacy during the difficult times. The singer’s representative also thanked the fans on her behalf for showing their love and support.

After the news broke, social media flooded with supportive messages from fans. They used the hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe to tell the singer how her music had helped them overcome their own struggles with addiction.

Demi Lovato has been busy with tours to promote her latest album ‘Sober’ in which she openly admits that she is no longer clean. Her last public appearance was on July 22nd . She performed her single in California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

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