Cure Your Holiday Hangover With These 5 Exotic Winter Destinations

Holidays are over and the last of the pumpkin pie has been polished off, but the hangover from the festivity madness still remains.

December is undoubtedly the most exhausting month of the year. Between shopping for Christmas gifts to organizing elaborate parties to hopping from house to house to attend booze-filled gatherings, you’re left yearning for a few days of refreshment.

And we have the perfect holiday travel guide to recharge your batteries and recover from the holiday hangover.

best winter destinations

The Palm Beaches, Florida

After weeks of reckless indulging and booze-filled madness, we need some physical acitivity and meditation to recalibrate our lives. And what better way to kickstart the year than with some outdoor yoga in the sunny Boca Raton.

This therapy retreat is great for some quality time with friends and family. Not to mention that the yoga event (called Something BIG) is just minutes away from the luxurious Eau Palm Beach. This beachfront resort has in-house restaurants and spas to make you vacation all the more memorable.

Texas Hill Country

best winter destinations

In today’s digital age, we could all use a detox from our computer and smart phone devices. If your new year resolution is to minimize screen time, a trip to the Hill County in Texas is the perfect place to kickstart 2019. This remote area is bound to strip you of your temptation to reach for the phone since there is no cell service here.

Instead of scrolling through your phone, soak in the beautiful Southern scenery or enjoy a horseback ride, cowboy style. There are so many ways to enjoy Texas’ raw beauty, whether in the form of scrumptious barbeque or live music with fine-tasting brew.

Brussels, Belgium

best winter destinations

Sometimes, all you need to cure a holiday hangover is some good quality chocolate and Belgium waffles. Well, what better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than by taking a trip to the land of chocolate itself. Yes, we’re talking about the Willy Wonka of Europe: Belgium.

For the best quality chocolate at the lowest price, head over to Leonidas to stock up on an entire year’s worth of chocolate fix.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is home to many spas and wellness resorts that will surely cure your holiday hangover. Koh Samui in particular is a detox sanctuary where people travel from far and wide to relax and recalibrate.

The island offers a range of programs from yoga to detox to antistress to suit all your wellness needs.

best winter destinations

Bali, Indonesia

Nothing says peace and tranquillity like Indonesia’s world-famous tourist destination, Bali. The tropical island is adorned with temples, jungles and sandy beaches that are warm and sunny all year long. Sounds like the perfect vacation to reboot yourself before heading into the new year.

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