Cold-Hearted Royal: Pregnant Meghan Didn’t Check up on Dad After His Heart Attack!

Meghan Markle is about to become a mama, but her family says that she has hardly been a good daughter to father Thomas Markle.

In a recent interview, Meghan’s brother, Thomas Jr., revealed that she was so busy being a royal that she didn’t even bother to check up on her dad after finding out that he had a heart attack.

meghan markle father

Cold Shoulder

Thomas Sr. was apparently hurt and disappointed in the Duchess of Sussex for not checking up on him after his near-death experience just ahead of the royal wedding in May. It was hard for him to realize that she didn’t need her father anymore, said Thomas Jr. in an exclusive interview.

Meghan’s father had a heart attack just days before she married Prince Harry in a beautiful church ceremony. In a shocking on-camera interview with Radar Online, Thomas Jr. revealed that he was disgusted by the Duchess’ cold attitude towards her family. “what kind of a daughter doesn’t come see her father after he has a heart attack?” he asked bitterly.

Even Thomas Sr. is heartbroken that his relationship with Meghan Markle is now over. Especially after she remained indifferent about his health issues. The duchess had started ignoring her family after she got her big acting break with a role in Suits. The brother claimed that Markle only remained in touch with her family for as long as she needed them. But, after becoming an actress, the mum-to-be turned a blind eye on her father.

meghan markle and father

Indebted to Her Father

Even before she became a celebrity, Meghan Markle often had falling outs with her estranged dad over money issues. In college, Thomas Sr. helped out Meghan by lending her some money which promised to return, but never did.

She continued to use him for money even after she started her career in Hollywood. But, once she found stardom, it refused to return the favor to her dad. The brother claimed, “My father expects a lot of money from her.”

It’s clear that Meghan and dad are no longer on speaking terms. The current family dynamics are so unstable that mother Doria was the only one who showed up to the royal wedding in May. The duchess even had to break the tradition by asking her father-in-law to walk her down the isle instead of her actual dad.

One of Thomas’ friends says that he is still hopeful that Meghan will reach out to him one day. According to him, he wished nothing but the best for his baby girl.

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