Charlie Sheen Broke and Homeless After Failing to Meet Payments on Mansion

It’s another day, another problem for the troubled star Charlie Sheen who is now reportedly homeless and broke. Well, not quite, but he was almost homeless after failing to pay the mortgage for his pricy Beverly Hills property.

Reports suggest that Sheen owed almost $900,000 on the ritzy mansion. The property has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large garden and other luxurious amenities that make it truly Hollywood worthy.

Financial Woes

The fact that the shamed actor failed to pay his mortgage payments could be a sign of financial troubles. Sheen narrowly escaped foreclosure on his ritzy crib due to the missed payments.

Insiders reported that the star had received several notices from his lender but failed to act upon them. He went into panic mode when the property was put in pre-foreclosure, forcing him to take action.

Sheen, who was diagnosed with HIV, was once one of the richest actors in Hollywood with a net worth of $125 million. But that was when he was raking in $2 million per episode for the popular show, Two And A Half Men. Now, the playboy is living paycheck by paycheck to make ends meet.

He reportedly missed six monthly payments on his mortgage and had to write a large check earlier in January to cover his dues.

The actor, 53, has also been struggling to sell his other Hollywood home. Sadly, even after lowering the price to $8.5 million, buyers aren’t showing any interest in the property. Back in the day, Charlie Sheen was one of the most sought-after television stars in Hollywood.

Blacklisted from Hollywood

He also made history by becoming the highest-paid actor for the popular sitcom. The producers had to cancel the show after Sheen walked out. The ratings went down immediately despite the producers’ effort to save the doomed sitcom by hiring a replacement in the form of Ashton Kutcher.

Most of Sheen’s financial woes stem from the fact that he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to prostitutes and ex-girlfriends to buy their silence about his illness. The actor admitted that he was in dire straits when the court decided to slash his child support payments in half. Sheen pays alimony for his two children to ex-wife Denise Richards.

In his appeal to the court, Sheen explained that he has failed to find steady work since his HIV diagnosis became public. He accused the industry of blacklisting him which drastically reduced his annual income.

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