Budapest Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in the City on a Budget

Budapest is one of the many beautiful cities in the Europe that attract millions of tourists every year. No, wonder people call it Paris of the East. The city is filled with stunning architecture, sunset boulevards that are reminder of its history under the communist rule.

Population-wise, Budapest is the biggest country in the EU and is known for its historical sites like the famous Chain Bridge. Here’s the ultimate Budapest travel guide to help you get the most out of your Hungarian travels.

budapest travel guide

What to See in Budapest

Known among traveling enthusiasts as the ‘Paris of the East’, many consider Budapest to be even more beautiful than the City of Love. Don’t believe us? Just one look at the spectacularly lit Buda and Pest after the sunset will convince you.

If you are looking for an affordable destination to travel to in Europe, Budapest is the place to be. People on a budget can easily create a travel plan to explore the city’s culture and cuisine at just around $40 – $45 a day.

Tourists often visit this Hungarian city as part of their summer travelling plans. Mostly because the weather can be quite pleasant and the temperature rarely goes over 70.

Winters in this part of Europe can become very cold with temperatures falling below freezing point. So, unless you’re a fan of snow-covered buildings and monuments, Budapest is best explored during the warmer months of the year.

While a five-day tour would be more than enough to enjoy and take-in the beauty of Budapest, if you have limited time to give to the city check out these things.

  1. Castle Hill and the Surrounding Architecture
  2. The Thermal Baths (Budapest’s biggest attraction)
  3. Danube River (You’ll really love its scenic beauty especially if you visit during night)
  4. Budapest’s Nightlife (A must-visit for partygoers)

Budapest Travel Guide: The Good and the Bad

budapest fall travel guide

But traveling in a country with little knowledge of the local language can quickly become a challenge. Especially in a country like Hungary which has almost every road sign written in Hungarian which may seem similar to English but they are really hard to pronounce.

Taxi drivers are also known for ripping off tourists, so, it’s better to stick with local trams, buses or subways. They offer a better opportunity to explore the city on a low budget. If you must use a taxi for getting around, always insist the driver to use the meter.

The city is also a heaven for foodies and there are so many local delicacies that you can try while you’re there.

As the adage goes “When in Rome do as Romans do”, when you visit Budapest, try some of the traditional Hungarian dishes like goulash, Somlói galuska or a bowl of tasty fisherman soup.

The food isn’t that expensive either, and a filling meal can cost as little as only $10 if you avoid restaurants in the tourist centers.

The city also has some world class spas if you are looking to relax after an adventurous day.

If you’ve been to the Budapest before, share your experiences with us below.

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