Best Family Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Guess what time of the year it is? It’s Christmas time! And the best part about the holiday season is receiving presents, especially for young children.

If you’re a family that loves to travel, here are some of the best family Christmas gifts you can give this holiday season. These fun yet practical items go beyond the typical children’s toys and will actually be useful when you head out on your next traveling adventure.

Here are some of the best family Christmas gifts to deepen the sense of wanderlust in travelers and adventure-lovers.

The Gift of Experience

For travelers, experiences matter more than material things. And the best gift you can buy them this Christmas season is tickets to a theme park, museum or any other cultural attraction. Search the internet to find ideas for events that your kids and family members might be interested in.

A family vacation to an affordable destination could be a great idea, especially if you’re trying to escape the winter.

Kindle Paperwhite

Turn your traveling adventures into an educational journey for your little ones with a Kindle Paperwhite. This device is an essential travel gear for people who love to read. If you’re gifting this to a kid, preload the Kindle with colorful story and picture books to keep them busy on a long flight.

We prefer a reading device that is solely meant for reading over smartphones because they have fewer distractions. Kindle Paperwhite 6 is a favorite in the family that even our kids love. The device is light so it’s easier to pack and the battery life is very impressive. Plus, it’s much more efficient to pack a kindle in your luggage than a bunch of heavy books.

Travel Journal

Travel journal can be a fun way to document adventures especially when you involve the whole family in the project.

Get your little ones a dedicated travelogue or a cute little journal that they can fill up with unforgettable memories. However, not all kids love the idea of journaling, so make sure you know you audience before getting a Christmas present.

Travel Games

Travelling is all about sharing fun experiences with the family and making memories together. Which is why we believe that travel games will make the best family Christmas gifts this holiday season.

UNO, Monopoly, travel Scrabble and chess are some of the ultimate card games that can played anywhere from an airport to a train station to even on a plane!

Adorable Passport Holders

If travelling is your bread and butter then you’ll adore these cute passport holders, I know your family will too! No one wants to lose or damage their passport while travelling which is why these holders will help your kids protect and identify their important document.

Not to mention that they look absolutely cool and make for one of the best travelling accessories.

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