Basic Signs That Your Boyfriend is Cheating On You

Nothing’s more disastrous for your relationship than a cheating boyfriend. But it isn’t always easy to know if he’s overstepping his boundaries or if you’re simply being insecure for no good reason.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of a cheating boyfriend. If your man is guilty of doing any of the things mentioned below, it’s time to address the serious situation before it gets out of hand.

cheating boyfriend

Time away without any explanation

Of course it’s normal for everyone to step away from their relationship every-now-and-then to enjoy time with friends and family.

However, if your boyfriend is away for long periods of time or makes silly excuses for not making time for you, there is a possibility that he is cheating on you.

Secretly Communicating with Someone

Is your boyfriend acting suspicious while texting or calling others in front of you, such as disengaging a call when he sees you or not being specific about who he’s talking to?

This is a clear sign that he is hiding something. Some of the signs of a cheating boyfriend include not letting you see their phone when someone calls or being uneasy while checking their emails in your presence.

cheating boyfriend

Flirting With Other Girls

If you notice your boyfriend talking to other females or flirting with them too much, this is a clear sign that you aren’t the only girl he is interested in.

Does he often go out with his friends without being open about his activities? Does he have female friends in his social circle that he spends too much time with? These are all clear warning signs that you need to exercise more caution in your relationship.

He Has a Cheating History

Once a cheater, always a cheater, they say. Of course if your boyfriend has made a mistake in his past relationship doesn’t mean that he’ll repeat it. But, if he has a history of cheating or lying, you need to be more careful with putting too much trust in him if he starts acting suspicious.

Finding Cheating Evidence

Have you uncovered any personal belongings of a mystery woman, such as an earring, undergarments or lipstick stains, in his car or his apartment?

This could be a good reason for you to interrogate him and see if his explanation makes any sense. For example, he could say that the unexplained item belongs to his friend’s girlfriend. In this case, be prepared to ask details about this friend and even ask his girlfriend if you need to.

He doesn’t Seem Interested in You Anymore

One of the biggest reasons people cheat on their partners is because they lose interest in the relationship or each other and start looking elsewhere for love or attention.

If you’re spending as much time with your boyfriend or there is evidence of boredom when you do see each other, chances are that he isn’t interested in you anymore or may have found someone else.

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