Ariana Grande Lashes Back at Ex Pete Davidson for Insensitive Joke About Their Relationship

Bad news Arianators, it seems like the pop star heartthrob and her now ex-fiancé Pete Davidson will not be getting back together after all – like ever.

Just when we were starting to believe the couple had split on amicable terms, Twitterverse was taken by storm after Ariana Grande released a bunch of tweets apparently taking shots at her Ex, who she had been engaged to up until just two weeks ago.

Shots Fired

The sudden social media outburst came just hours after the promo for Saturday Night Live was aired. In the video clip, Davidson jokingly proposed to co-star Maggie Rogers who firmly declines the offer. The joke was a clear diss at his failed engagement with the pop icon.

Ariana Grande responded by tweeting “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy you sure love clinging to it huh

The pop star clapped back at ex with another tweet saying “Thank you, next

You go girl, way to stand up for yourself!

Some assume that most of her social media rants and messages could be in reference to the death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller in October.

But the tweets were timed just hours after the SNL promo was released. This legitimizes the claims that the pop diva throwing some serious shade at her ex for calling her out.

Ariana was quick to delete the tweets and denied that any of her comments had to do with Davidson. But it was too late since social media was already buzzing about the latest gossip.

Not an Amicable Split After all

After the couple called it quits earlier this month, it was reported from both sides that the split had been mutual and amicable.

Both celebrities felt that their relationship was moving way too fast. They admitted that the decision to get married was premature.

Though Ariana Grande was seen cuddling with Davidson days after the breakup, it was later confirmed that two were indeed separated, much to her fans’ dismay. According to sources, the split has been tough for both celebrities.

Ariana says that she will be taking some much-needed time off to be with her family and loved ones for support. The pop singer also wishes to work on her future music endeavors without the pressure and deadlines of music labels.

Since the breakup, Grande has been slowly but surely distancing herself from Pete. She even went as far as to cover up the matching tattoos the pair had gotten before the engagement.

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