Ariana Grande Gets Emotional and Drops out of Her Fiancé’s Live Show!

Saturday Night Live is officially kicking off its 44th season tonight, September 29, with Adam Driver from The Last Jedi as the host and rapper Kanye West as the musical guest. But surprisingly SNL had chosen a different musician to make an appearance on tonight’s premium – sshhhh, don’t tell Kanye that he wasn’t SNL’s first choice!

According to reports, Ariana Grande was originally scheduled to make a musical appearance but she backed out just days before the premier due to ‘emotional reasons’. The singer hasn’t made a guest appearance on SNL ever since she and show host Pete Davidson started dating.

Ariana Grande Replaced on SNL

Earlier this week, the creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, issued a statement that Ariana Grande dropped out of show’s season premier due to emotional reasons.

SNL has contacted Kanye West to fill in for Grande, and the rapper has already accepted the offer. Both Ye and wife, Kim Kardashian, have arrived in the Big Apple for the big performance tonight.

NBC revealed the show’s cast after Grande dropped out; therefore only naming Kanye West as the guest on its official lineup. But later, Michaels revealed that NBC had originally approached Grande with the offer which she had initially accepted. But in the light of recent events, the singer decided she wasn’t ready to make a live performance just yet.

A Rough Month

Pete Davidson tattoo Ariana Grande

Michaels said during a podcast with James Andrew Miller that the show’s audience reach is at its peak at the moment. With A-list celebrities like Kanye West stepping up to perform on the show, SNL’s season 44 is going to be a remarkable success.

Grande tweeted on Thursday that she’s been through a lot over the past month. She added that all she wants is one good day. It’s understandable why the singer has been feeling this we lately. Earlier this month, she lost her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, who died from a suspected drug overdose on September 7.

The God is a Woman singer originally stayed quiet about the news. However, she eventually broke her silence on September 14, with a heartbreaking Instagram post.

Grande posted a video clip of the late rapper with a caption saying, “I loved you from the day i met you… and I always will. I can’t believe you aren’t here anymore.” Ariana also added that Miller was one of her dearest friends. She said that he didn’t deserve the ending he got.

Ariana Grande is currently about to marry the Saturday Night Live’s cast member, Pete Davidson.

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