A Shocking Number of Millennials Say Traveling is Better Than Sex!

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What is your biggest pleasure in life? For some, it could be reading a good book whereas for other, a delicious slice of chocolate cake would do the trick.

But, the most common answers you’ll hear from almost everyone are sex and travel. And when it comes to the choosing between the two, a majority of people say they would pick traveling the world over sex.

Travel Over Sex

I understand if you don’t believe me, I mean who would willingly give up sex, right? But I didn’t come up with that conclusion, a recent survey conducted by a travel company did. The survey showed that a majority of the millennials were willing to give up sex to travel the world for free. 57% of the participants, to be exact. And we don’t blame them

Travelling is one of the most important experiences you can have in your life. Not only does it give you a chance to learn about different cultures and people but also provides you an opportunity to discover new places and even find your true self in the process.

But is travelling really better than sex? Most millennials believe that the former can actually give you a deeper, more meaningful experience than the latter. Which is why they’re fully prepared to quit the pleasure of intimacy for a much bigger adventure.

Out of 1500 Millennials who participated in the survey, about 80% were ready to even give up Netflix to travel the world for free. I mean can you imagine! A whopping 73% were also ready to quit booze for a chance to check off items from their traveling bucket list.

And then there was a huge percentage that was willing to sacrifice coffee, pizza and even their cellphones. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not trading my morning cup of Joe for anything.

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Experiences Over Material Things

The survey also showed that 48% of the Millennials take a trip at least twice a year while 35% said that they travel about 3 to 5 times a year.

A research by Harris Group also suggests that around 78% Millennials willingly spend their hard-earned money on experiences rather than buying material things.

Another 77% said that the best memories of their life were connected to personal experiences as it made them feel connected to the world. There was also a large number of Millennials who regretted not pursuing travel related opportunities while they were young.

A quarter of the people that participated in the survey admitted to taking a break from their careers to re-evaluate their lives and what they wanted to do in the future.

This survey proves that Millennials have set priorities when it comes to travelling the world. Do you agree with this survey? Let us know in the comments below.

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