6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit South Africa ASAP!

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Looking for an epic destination for your next vacation? Look no further because we’ve found the perfect place for you: South Africa.

Travel trends of 2018 have declared South Africa as one of the hottest holiday destinations that you just can’t miss.

When it comes nature, affordability and breathtaking landscape, South Africa stands out from every other travel destination and here are some of the most compelling reasons to book your next flight to this beautiful country (and do it ASAP!)

The Landscape

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There’s so much beauty in South Africa waiting to be explored and every region has something unique to offer its tourists.

From stunning beaches to towering mountains and animal parks to tropical forests, South Africa is a whole universe in itself. So, put your adventurous hat on and explore the raw beauty this country has to offer.


Hiking is one of the many easily accessible activities tourists can perform in South Africa. It’s safe, the weather’s always nice and sunny and you’ll have some incredible view to feast your eyes on as you make your way up the trail.

If you’re planning to hit Cape Town check out some of the easiest hiking trails like Lions Head and Table Mountain which only take a couple of hours to complete, and offer an impressive panoramic view of the entire city upon reaching the top.

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Perfect Climate

One of the best reasons to visit South Africa during the Western winter is because the seasons are actually flipped! Because SA is in the Southern Hemisphere, summertime is usually in the early months of the year. So, going in the dead of winter will actually be a warm surprise!

Of course the weather will vary with altitude; It can be slightly cold in the subtropic north but if you go down south, you’ll be treated to a warm Mediterranean climate with long sunny days and cooler nights.

Stunning Beaches

Cape Town is the star of South Africa that attracts hordes of tourists with to its sandy beaches and lively beachfront bars that are bound to put you in a vacation mood.

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It’s not just who love South Africa, penguins love it too! If you’re in Cape Town, you must visit the country’s iconic wild penguins, just an hour from the bustling metropolitan.

This is one of the rarest places where you can actually chill with penguins and even go out for a swim with them.

Kruger National Park

One of the biggest game reserves in the country, Kruger National Park spans over 75,000 sq. miles. That is bigger than the entire state of New Jersey! The park is teeming with wild beauty in the form of majestic animals and plenty of greenery.

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