5 Reasons Why You Should Travel by Train – It’ll Save You Money, We Promise!

Holidays are meant for traveling. Whether you’re flying home or trying to escape the subfreezing temperatures by jet-setting to a tropical location, getting a plane ticket during the holiday season can become very expensive. But there are other modes of transportation that are cheaper and far less stressful. If you’re looking for a quick way of getting around without spending a lot of money, travelling by train is the best option.

why to travel by train

Most of us who’ve travelled by air know how stressful airports can be. They’re usually more than half an hour away from the main city area and they end up taking more time in check-ins and transfers. A train from Paris to London usually takes 45 minutes whereas flying can take up to hours after counting in the transfer time. Similarly, a trip from Rome to Florence can take a little over an hour if you travel by train. But opting for a plane may take up to 4.5 hours.

Need more convincing to travel by train this holiday season? We’ve rounded up a list of the best reasons why trains are better than planes.

Booking Flexibility

One of the best things about trains is that they are offer more flexibility in terms of changing travel time or cancelling the ticket altogether. You’ll still have to pay extra fees for making any changes to your train ticket but the experience is far less stressful and costly than traveling by air.

If you change your reservation 48 hours before the departure, you usually face no extra charges. However, applying for a refund may cost you a little extra depending on which train you’re traveling with.

Comfortable Journey

Flying can become very stressful when you’re cramped between two other passengers with barely any leg room. It gets even worse when the passenger in front of you decided to recline their seat and you’re stuck in a single position for the entire duration of the flight. However, if you travel by train, you have much more room to relax, stroll around and even lie down. Modern trains are equipped with electrical outlets and folding trays to make your journey more comfortable.

Less Expensive

We all know how costly airfares are during the holidays. – unless you’ve done research and booked well in advance. On the other hand, trains are less expensive and offer extra perks like free baggage. You know what this means right? You can take Christmas presents for the entire family without having to pay a single penny!

Saving on Accommodation Cost

If you travel by an overnight train, you could be saving money that you’ll otherwise spend on a costly hotel. Overnight trains aren’t anything like an airplane’s economy class. You’ll have access to a comfortable bed where you can lie down for a good night’s sleep. If you like taking shower before bed, trains offer this facility too!

Trains are More Eco-Friendly

Trains don’t leave as big of a carbon footprint as airplanes which means that you’ll be doing the environment a favor by choosing the former. A study revealed that trains are the most environmentally efficient mode of transportation, spending 25 per cent less energy than a car.

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