139-Day Marriage: Hailey and Justin Headed for Divorce Over Cheating Rumors

It’s only been 139 days since Justin and Hailey tied the knot, and their marriage is already on the rocks according to reports from various credible sources.

The explosive rumor was first reported by OK! Magazine, although other tabloids quickly followed suit, making the shocking story front-page news. Is there any truth behind the new claim?

Say It Ain’t So

OK! Recently claimed that Justin has been desperate to reunite with his ex Selena Gomez ever since she returned from rehab. The Canadian singer even tried to plan an accidental run-in with her on her favorite hiking trail. When that failed, he hit up some of Selena’s closest friends and begged to arrange a meeting between the two.

Multiple sources claimed that Selena and Justin secretly met at a mutual friend’s home. The two had an emotional heart-to-heart conversation about everything they had been through over the past few months.

Shockingly, Justin also admitted to his ex-girlfriend that he made a mistake by marrying Hailey Baldwin, a hasty decision that he made on a whim. He continued that things are not working out between him and his new wife, with which Selena sympathized.

When Hailey found out about this secret meeting, she completely flipped out on Justin. The 22-year-old model threatened to pull the plug on Justin if he continues to see Selena behind her back.

This tip came from an ‘anonymous source’ and even went as far as to claim that Jailey might be headed towards divorce very soon. This could be nothing but bad news for Bieber who rushed into marriage without signing a prenup. Did these celeb learn nothing from Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos’ divorce?

Regrets and Mistakes

We already know that Justin and Selena have a pretty intense dating history together. The two have been a couple on-and-off for years before he decided to marry Hailey. Even after the marriage, Justin admitted that he still cares very deeply about his ex and has been concerned about her health.

Hailey knew that Justin has – and will always have – a soft spot for Selena. But she never thought that he would go as far as to meet his ex behind her back. Sources claim that Justin has broken Hailey’s trust and she feels betrayed and cheated on.

The same source who revealed about the secret meeting also claimed that Hailey is already done with the marriage and wants out. Can you really blame her after all that Justin has done to hurt her trust?



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