10 Best Paying Tech Jobs that’ll Make You Want to Switch Careers!

Doctors, engineers and lawyers aren’t the only ones who make six-figure salaries. Tech skills are currently the hottest commodity on the job market offering high paychecks and opportunities for career growth.

best tech jobs

The current median salary in the private sector is just around $36,200 compared to $81,430 offered in the tech industry. Here are some of the highest-paying tech jobs in 2018, according to Glassdoors.

  1. Information security engineer: $131,300

Big tech companies are always looking for information security engineers to prevent hackers and cyber criminals from gaining access to sensitive data and other valuable assets.

An information security engineer plays a crucial role in bolstering the firm’s cybersecurity system by strengthening encryption and closing security loopholes in the infrastructure.

  1. DevOps engineer: $137,400

If you love coding and can delivering projects quickly then this is one of the tech jobs you should be applying for.

Development and operations (DevOps) engineering involves a lot of smart and efficient coding to continuously improve the company’s digital products and services.

  1. Enterprise architect: $144,400

An enterprise architect has the unique role of creating a roadmap for the maintenance of IT assets, servers and software of the company.

  1. Technical program manager: $145,000

A technical program manager is one of the most advanced tech jobs that requires a lot of code testing and efficient management and overseeing of development projects.

  1. Software architect: $145,400

A software architect designs the blueprint of building new software and proposes strategies for the execution for the development process.

They are at the helm of the software engineering and pave the path for the rest of the developer team to follow.

  1. Applications architect: $149,000

Applications architect improves existing tools as well as create prototypes for new applications in the company.

  1. Infrastructure architect: $153,000

Infrastructure architects will be in charge of the underlying IT systems within a company. They can include servers, data centers, or cloud computing platforms.

  1. Software development manager: $153,300

A software development manager will lead the team responsible for developing and testing certain systems or applications within a company.

  1. Data warehouse architect: $154,800

Data warehouse architects collect and analyze the firm’s vast troves of historical and commutative data.

  1. Software engineering manager: $163,500

Software engineering is currently one of the hottest and highest paying tech jobs. It involves researching, developing and testing software. It also plays the crucial role of leading the entire team of developers.

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